Castrum Sarnani, the Middle Ages returns

Let the celebrations

It’s the third week of August. You approach the old city centre of Sarnano and you can’t help but noticing a distinct atmosphere. You cross the gate of the town and an inquisitive collector asks you if you want to change money. Before you can even answer, the air is invaded by the squeaking sound of a spinning wheel and the repetitive slamming of the hammer of a blacksmith on his vise. A hiss breaks the air, followed by the sound of an arrow sticking into the target. You almost jump at the sharp cry of a hawk. And from the voices that surrounds you emerges the swallowed voice of the bizarre character behind your back.

No, you did’nt suddenly land in another country, you landed in another time.

Welcome to Castrum Sarnani.

A spectacular plunge
in a faraway, mysterious era.
A journey through the Middle Ages, the real one.

Colors, sounds, flavors, smells, even the language spoken in the castrum helps bringing back to life the original charm of that era that the books define dark, and is yet so full of fascinating mysteries, alchemies and lost stories.

The reenactment runs along the alleys, the small squares of the old town. Crossing the gate to the city centre you will find the currency exchange, where you can buy medieval currency, essential to buy anything inside the castrum.

Yes, Castrum Sarnani does not merely represent the ancient trades, it brings them back to life. The armourer, the papermaker, the candle maker, the herbalist, the carpenter, the goldsmith, the stonecutter, the cerusico (ancient surgeon), the dye, the cartographer, the astronomer, the blacksmith, the architect, but also the fortune teller, the falconer, the archer: they are all busy and ready to offer you their services in exchange for the right amount of money. Or maybe just your attention.

Castrum Sarnani, the Middle Ages returning

Much more than a reenactment:
a story to live once more.

Castrum Sarnani, the Middle Ages returning
Castrum Sarnani, the Middle Ages returning

You made a few steps and a quack friar is already revealing his precious prophecies, interrupted by an acrobat jester who turns in the air on the shoulders of his companion. Suddenly a battle cry, everybody shush: an army of knights is rising its swords and is starting a medieval fencing duel.

Either you get down to learning how to use the bow with the help of an expert archer or you abandon the battlefield and go do something saver and have your hand read or you can indulge in the curious games that you find along the way. You can also make friends with a hawk, an owl or a falcon: it can come in handy, you never know.

The evening falls and the air is filled by the scent of traditional food, the taverns and inns are getting crowded and the dishes are filled with those lost special tastes that we have forgotten. Behold, here starts the fire show with dancers and flaming acrobats, the small squares are populated by acrobats, jugglers, fakirs and the torchlights start projecting their shadows on the incredulous faces of the children.

This is not a medieval reenactment. This is a story of the Middle Ages. And you are its real heros.

This is Castrum Sarnani.

The 12th edition of Castrum Sarnani will take place from 12 to 14 August 2019. The Taverna della Luna will be open from 12 to 18 August 2019.

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