La Notte dei Folli


A spark of madness
that turns on the evening.

If you’d cross the White Rabbit hurtling with his waistcoat, chased by a purple cow and a horse wearing a hat, what would you think? And these three made a toast just before starting to dance unleashed on the cobblestones of the old town? Would you second guess your sanity?

Well, either you’re really crazy or you’re in Sarnano during La Notte dei Folli (the Mad’s Night).

A night of music, masks and fun: the alleys of the old town are transformed into a bizarre scenery, the streets are populated by strange characters ready to have fun together, street performers in every corner, bands alternating on the stage, all seasoned by a good deal of insanity. La Notte dei Folli, organized by Movimento Giovanile 62028, is much more than a strange out-of-season carnival: it is an explosion of music and creativity.

One night a year
to be whatever you want.

If you feel fool enough to come to Sarnano in the craziest night of the year, you will find taverns and wine bars, live music under the stars and DJ sets ready to set the square on fire, street artists performing in the exceptional scenario of the old town, late-night street markets and all kind of masks parading among people.

What are you waiting for? For one night take off your every-day mask and wear the one that makes you laugh, for one night be what you want, for one night…

… be fool.