The town centre

A place where the past
endures in the present

Situated on a hill to the right of the Tennacola river, silhouetted against the Sibillini Mountains that appear like ancient guardians, Sarnano (539 metres,  3391 inhabitants) has a medieval town centre. It is no coincidence that Sarnano is one of the “Borghi più Belli d’Italia,” the most beautiful villages in Italy.
The old centre of Sarnano is still shaped like a “castrum”, which is a round fortified village. It winds in concentric rings up to the Piazza Alta, the highest part of the village, and descends via narrow alleys and small dwellings, forming a picturesque ambience where time seems to stand still.

Seven centuries,
ringed by four walls.

As you gaze at the historical centre of Sarnano, your first impression is that everything is as it was originally: the medieval structure is perfectly recognisable, the walls are clearly distinguishable, and the Porta Brunforte entrance is still intact. Sarnano didn’t always look this way: when it was first built, the houses were all on top of the hill, enclosed in much narrower walls than the ones we see today. Later, when the population began to increase, more space was needed and new buildings were erected. During a period that spanned over seven centuries, the inhabitants of Sarnano widened the walls, closed gates and opened new ones, built new houses and demolished others, while respecting the original urban setting. In short: with great care.

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