Sibillini, enchanted mountains.

to the Realm of the Sybil.

The peaks you see at the shoulders of Sarnano are the Sibillini Mountains. We can tell you that these are the fourth massif of the Apennines due to their height and they are home to the National Park bearing the same name. The highest peak is Monte Vettore (2476 m) and the range is home to flora and fauna of great interest to naturalists. But we’d rather tell you that these are not just a “massif”. They are enchanted mountains.
That’s right. They’re called Monti Sibillini because they’ve always been the realm of the Sybil and her goat-legged fairies, as well as the dwelling place for an incredible number of legendary creatures. Don’t believe us? Even more reason to come and see with your own eyes.

The splendour of nature
is an endless discovery.

Discovering the Sibillini:
hiking and animal watching.

If fairies and elves are not your thing, you should know that the Sibillini Mountains are the ideal spot for hiking lovers at any level: from experienced hikers to families with kids. Walking on a number of paths, you will be able to admire the wonders that nature offers in each season, particularly in spring, when 37 different species of wild orchids burst into bloom on the Sibillini. Moreover, you will be able to do some animal watching: with a little patience (and a bit of luck) you will be able to spot chamois goats, deer, roe deer, foxes, eagles and eagle owls, the peregrine falcon, rock partridges and also beautiful wolves that live on these mountains unnoticed and undisturbed.

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