History of Sarnano


A centuries-long history
that it’s never bores us.

The Municipality of Sarnano was born seven and a half centuries ago, but the history of these lands begins long before the birth of the Municipality and includes many characters who play an important role. This is why we would rather share stories instead of history as a separate subject.

There is the history of the ancient Italic population that lived in these naturally rich areas. Besides rare findings – such as the mysterious Uovo di Terro – the passage of these ancient populations can still be traced from the toponyms of these areas.

There is the story of Roman centuriation, of which the Cippo di Garulla is proof: Decumano IIII, Cardo I-II-III. A separation that is as far in the past as it is still visible in the region.

There is the tale of the Mainardi family, of the Brunforte and of the Holy Roman Empire, that feels huge for such a small village, but still clearly forms part of it. Believe us. As do Frederick II (Federico II di Svevia) and the fights between Guelphs and Ghibellines, Carlo d’Angiò and the Papal States.

But the true leading role of the history of Sarnano is the courage and the free spirit of its founders and their heirs, to which we owe the existence of this beautiful village.

Sarnano, a name
of ancient roots.

As to why Sarnano is named this way, various hypotheses have been put forward, since the meaning of the word Sarnano does not emerge by itself, as is the case for other villages in the area. This is already enough to suggest that it is very ancient. Some have theorised that it originates from the Etruscan language, while others propose that it is a variation on the word Silvano, a god worshipped by the farmers and shepherds, and there are others who think it has Latin origins and refers to the centuriation of the lands in the age of August.

We love preserving
The stories that belong to us.

The Legend of the Saint
who drew the emblem.

And then there is the story of St. Francis and how he drew the symbol of the Seraph to put to rest the quarrels between the representatives of the community of Sarnano: a symbol that still towers undisputed in the emblem. A legend that is still told with such great detail that it seems almost to have been there, that afternoon of more than 750 years ago, there, just outside the village.

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