Little Waterfall in Sarnano


The Cascatelle of Sarnano:
where peace becomes water.

No matter how old we are, the waterfalls always fascinate us.
It will be that the scroice of water covers the confusion of thoughts that crowds our mind, will be that the scent of moss brings us back to mind memories, will be that the shades that makes the water falling almost hypnotize us, but in front of a waterfall in the woods we remain enraptured. Even though we’ve seen it a thousand times.

The waterfalls of Sarnano are no exception: loved by locals, almost unknown to tourists despite reaching them is very easy.

The waterfalls of Sarnano are just 1.7 km far from the main square of the village and can be reached by car or on foot, taking a walk of about 20-30 minutes [open map on Google Maps].

After Piazza della Livertà, continue for about 500m along via Benedetto Costa following the signs for Sassotetto. At the intersection with via San Rocco turn left and follow the road downhill until you reach the church of San Rocco. Upon reaching the church turn right and cross the small village of Romani. Pass the last houses, cross a bridge and continue along the road where you are until you find on your right the entrance of a dirt track.
At the entrance of the trail you will find a strange signal built with an old bicycle wheel: when you see it you know you are on the right track.
Now, if you’re driving, park your car on the asphalt road and walk on the dirt track.
After a hundred meters, on your left you will find a stone house: this is an ancient mill, now completely restructured and transformed into a private house that you will probably enter immediately on the list of homes of your dreams.

But here is the unmistakable sound of the waterfall! Pass the house, take a look at the little river that runs quietly to your left and then enter the little path that goes through the trees on your right and follow the river.

After a few meters in front of your eyes will appear the Cascatelle di Sarnano (Little Waterfal): a small but suggestive jump of the waters of the River Tennacola, a tributary of the River Tenna that gushes on the slopes of Mount Castel Manardo in locality Tre Santi.

The beauty of the waterfalls of Sarnano is that you should not be satisfied to admire them from afar: if you walk on the rocky edge of the river being careful not to slip you can stretch a hand and feel the power of the water that falls along the rock.

Already a few meters after the waterfall the level of the river returns to be quite low: you can cross it walking on the rocks  or wade with the feet to soak in the cold water. In summer you can also bathe as the Sarnanesi are used to when the heat becomes too muy. You can also go back along the path, take the road uphill for a few meters to your left and forward in the woods a little further: you will find yourself right above the little waterfall.

Have fun catching the strange figures formed by the moss on the rock, observe the rhythmic dropping of the drops on the leaves, be enchanted by the games of light that the rays of the sun create on the surface of the water.

In autumn and spring,  let yourself be intoxed by the scents of the woods made even more intense by the humidity, sit on a rock, close your eyes and concentrate on the sound of water: you will see that it is easier to empty your mind from thoughts and get back in peace with the world.

But the waterfalls are a magical place even in winter, when the water’s scroice breaks the perfect silence of the snow and the waterfall seems to be nestled in an enchanted landscape.

In short, if you pass by Sarnano you can not do a jump to the Cascatelle: one of the most evocative, yet less known of our territory. And since you’re there you can help us get to know it. Just a social photo with the hashtag #cascatelledisarnano.

Photo by Luca Tambella

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