Paragliding and deltaplaning.

Flying in a clear sky
above spectacular nature.
With us  you can.

Imagine observing the world from the perspective of a golden eagle: slopes, rivers, hills, forests, cultivated fields. From above, the geometries of nature become so harmonious that they change the perception of the landscape we are used to.

You do not need to climb on the back of an eagle to live such an experience, just try hang gliding or paragliding. You don’t even need to be experienced: in Sarnano, in addition to the right air flow there is also a Flying School. Here you can take a short tandem ride with an instructor or fly from one area to another if you are an expert.

In short, Sarnano is the perfect place for you to fly from your nest.

Observe the world
just like an eagle.

The ideal flight site
for beginners and experts.

IThe flight site of Sarnano has a development of about 40 km in the North-South  direction and goes from the Lake Borgiano area to the Monte Vettore. The formation of the mountain range creates numerous landing points also suitable for beginners and easily reachable for recovery. On the other hand, the proximity of other areas makes long-distance flights possible for the pleasure of more experienced flyers.

The presence of a wide flat area that separates the Sibillini from the sea (about 50 km away) makes it possible to foresee the aerological and meteorological conditions with great ease, so much so that it is possible to fly both in summer and in winter.

In summer, betweenMay and September, the conditions are characterised by average lift rates, no heavy turbulence and wide thermals very well separated from each other. On the slopes there are also light thermodynamics that allow soaring, that’s to say slope flights.  Between December and March, however, the conditions are naturally weaker, but, even with snow, you can find  days that allow thermal flights. Finally, in October, November, March and April, the conditions are intermediate, but in any case favourable for flights.

In Sarnano there is the Aeroclub dei Sibillini, the first flight school in the Marche region and among the first founded in Italy. The Aeroclub organises flight courses and specialist courses for hang gliding, paragliding and two-seater, as well astourist flights  carried out in tandem with the instructor. Tandem flight is an experience for everyone: you do not need any specific skills  or special abilities, and the school provides all the necessary technical equipment.

The only thing you have to bring with you is the desire to fly.

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