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The Abbazia di Piobbico

The Abbey of Santa Maria and San Biagio, originally known as Santa Maria between the rivers (“inter rivoira”), as it is located between the rivers Tenna and Tennacola, was founded in 1030, consecrated in 1059 and, in the fifteenth century, dedicated to San Biagio. Today unfortunately it is unusable because of the earthquake, but to see it from the outside, nestled in the mountains is still a unique spectacle.

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Santa Maria di Piazza Alta

Majestic framed by the highest square in the historic centre of Sarnano, the Church of Santa Maria di Piazza Alta is a Romanesque cathedral containing frescoes and paintings of great historical and artistic value. Today unfortunately it is unusable due to the earthquake, but it is still worth going up to Piazza Alta to breathe the medieval atmosphere.

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The Teatro della Vittoria

The Teatro della Vittoria of Sarnano was built in the XIX century and is a finely decorated “bonbonnière” of velvet and lights. Today unfortunately is unusable because of the earthquake, but its history testifies to what extent our ancestors had understood the value of art and culture.

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The Pinacoteca and the Civic Museums

The Museum Centre of Sarnano is located in via Leopardi, inside the former cloister of Santa Chiara and houses the Pinacoteca; the Museum of Sacred Art; the Museum of Ancient and Modern Arms; the Museum of Avifauna of the Sibillini; the Museum of the Hammers; and a collection of works by the Sarnanese painter Mariano Gavasci. Unfortunately the museum is unusable because of the earthquake.

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Sarnano: the origin of the name

At least three theories have been developed regarding the origin of the name “Sarnano”: it certainly dates back to very ancient times. The meaning of the name is not self-explanatory and is different from the names of neighbouring municipalities such as Gualdo, Caldarola or San Ginesio. It has its origins in a much more archaic semantics. Where did it come from, indeed?

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